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BUMITOUCHplmc Sdn. Bhd., a registered Malaysia based private limited company tagged as “One-stop Center” in the field of airborne mapping using Light Detection & Ranging (LiDAR) technology with reliable platform & professional trained manpower of Remote Sensing, Geomatics Science and Land Administrative & Management Background.Since it was established, there are more than 55 License Land Surveyors companies had registered under BUMITOUCHplmc Sdn. Bhd. owned a latest technology of equipment for LiDAR System, LITEMAPPER 6800-400. We have a competent and professional trained staffs to accomplish our client needs and requirements.


To provide our clients with most advanced and cost effective Geomatics solutions to increase the productivity of their industry


To be the most advanced Geomatics solutions and knowledge provider for Local and International industry by using Integrated LiDAR technology


  1. To assist the plantation management team into making accurate decision on replanting activities with detailed land information acquired faster and cheaper by using LiDAR imaging technology.
  2. To provide database on user requirement and is more sensitive to subtle variations in light energy reflectance; enable it to discriminate subtle variation condition of land structure.
  3. To expand the use of remote sensing technology using LiDAR to segregate portion of rural, urban and commercial area, in other segment to demarcate the parcel of GSA Section 4, Section 5, Section 6, Section 7 and Section 8 in precise mapping order.